Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in 2017 (Full review)

Choosing an offshore web hosting is the first action that you have to do before building your website. Nowadays there are hundreds of offshore web hosting companies that provide DMCA ignore, stability, efficiency, staff support and customer satisfaction. After 2 years of changing between web hosting companies, we are going to give a full review of 5 top offshore web hosting provider based on Dmca ignore, Server stability, and also staff support.

 1. OffShoric |

Offshoric is my favorite web hosting nowadays, because of the full protection of my content, a full DMCA ignore with fast servers and unbelievable staff support. This gorgeous hosting provider offers shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and also dedicated servers. The support staff is incredible 24 h / 7 days, In addition the company gives you a 30 day money back guaranties, in case you don’t like it’s services.

OUR RATING : 5 stars | USER RATING : 5 stars | RECOMMENDATION : 10/10

$1.06 – $250

AbeloHost accepts PayPal
Unlimited 30 Days Windows / linux
  Amsterdam, france, switzeland

Image result for Abelohost 2. Abelohost |

Keep your website’s privacy safe, don’t waste your time anymore with Dmca Messages. By using the services of abelohost a high quality hosting options for streaming audio or video is guranated. You can host anything, from download websites, movie site, upload site, etc.

OUR RATING : 4 stars | USER RATING : 3.5 stars | RECOMMENDATION : 9/10

$1.06 – $147.96

AbeloHost accepts PayPal
5 GB – Unlimited 30 Days Windows

Offshore Servers 3. Offshore Servers

This great hosting provider offers acceptable service based on user review. Offshore Servers take care of it’s users, that’s why the first thing that it provides is the Dmca ignore, it provides also high quality hosting (Dedicated, and shared servers). In addition they protect your website with cloudflare from DDoS attacks.

OUR RATING : 4 stars | USER RATING : 4 stars | RECOMMENDATION : 7.5/10

$9.00 – $1,499.00

Offshore Servers accepts PayPal
5 GB – 4 TB 2 Days Linux
  Warsaw  Moscow

Image result for Shinjiru4.Linux Hosting World |

Shinjiru is the first offshore web hosting company in Asia nowadays, with a wide range of professional solutions available for web developers, web publishers, & ecommerce. The company offers some great features and also tools, such as Shared hosting, VPS accounts, and also dedicated servers with the best prices. the only thing that users hate about shinjru is it’s limits on space storage and the very limited bandwidth.

OUR RATING : 2.5 stars | USER RATING : 2.5 stars | RECOMMENDATION : 6.5/10

$3.50 – $550.00

Shinjiru accepts PayPal
10 GB – 1 TB 30 Days Windows
  Moscow  Singapore

 5.PanamaServer |

If you are looking for hosting your data in the Republic of Panama then you better use PanamaServer. This host provider offers shared and also dedicated servers at a cheap price (4$), cloud plans at $10 per month, and managed servers at $250 per month.

OUR RATING : 2.5 stars | USER RATING : 2.5 stars | RECOMMENDATION : 6/10

$4 – $250.00

Shinjiru accepts PayPal
1 GB – 5 TB 7 days Linux
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