This is Why you Should Learn Programming Languages in 2018?

Nowadays Humans cannot live without electronic devises, such as phones, computers etc. Phones has been developed so much in this 10 past years the same thing for the computers, there is no place in the word that has not PCs. There are used for storing people data, provide electricity to cities, control flights, navigate the web, and more and more useful things. Computers contains software and those software where developed and programmed with some programming languages, per example Microsoft office pack is programmed by using C++, in general the software means a bunch of codes that help users complete a task.

What is a Programming Languages ?

Computers are not human brains, the only language that PCs understand is the machine language, it understand 0 or 1 (on or off), that’s why you should learn algorithm and Computer structure before learning how to code. So a programming language is a bunch of codes that do a specific task, per example a PC calculator, it’s a really small program but it has 100 line of codes.

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How to Learn Programming  Languages ?

First of all you need to understand the computer and it’s part, so learn hardware before software, after that you have to focus on Algorithm because if you master the algorithm there is no program in the world you cannot program it. The second step that you have to do after you learn¬†algorithm is to choose a domain or a niche (Web application, desktop application, web development , games, Database etc). By defining your Niche you make it easy on yourself to pickup a language to learn.

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What Language Do i choose ?

Below you have for each niche it’s one programming language :

  • Web application : PHP,, .Net framework
  • Desktop application: C++, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl
  • Web development: PHP, JavaScript,
  • Games: C++, C#, JAVA.
  • Android Application : JAVA, C++
  • IOS apps : Objectif-C
  • Database : SQL

Where to Learn for free ?

You can Learn any programming language you want for free and with assistance, only on YouTube or vimeo, there are also free videos on Dailymotion, But you have to choose the best resource and i prefer the officali ones, per example i want to learn C# all what i have to do is to go the Microsoft channel and search about a useful course for free.

In general technology is updating everyday, so you got to develop yourself and learn how to code, how to make apps etc.

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