Reskin application profitable or not?

Nowadays the huge increase of mobile users around the world is increasibg day after day. Apps developers are the most gainers from the increase if mobile users. Many months Google gives users a big chance to gain money from developing apps and droping them in Google play store. Now, developers are not the only users who can profit from developing apps. Besides, users are not able to create apps with easier way and without needing any coding skills. This is what we call reskin apps.

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Reskin apps is a method that allows you to edit any app code source by changing few things such as characters, locations, sound effects and launch the app as if it is yours. This strategy made various users rich and changed the life of so many users around the world.

Most of reskin users are still asking if this method still profitable. The answer is yes. Besides the statistics shown that 70% of reskin users are still gaining Money from their apps. But is reskin easier as it seems?

The answer is “no”. However, ranking your app in google play store has become difficult because of the high competition. As for search engines, ranking needs various technics. Before starting reskin apps, users should learn how to rank in ASO first.

Competitors are the most dangers you should face. Moreover, users should choose the most suitable apps for reskin with care. The nich is important as in creating websites. Then,  you should also build your own strategy to get rank in Google play store.

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In reskin apps, users select two main methods.  The first one is using android studio which seems more professional. The second way is decompiling your apps which is much more easier. But,  according to various users,  using android studio is much more safer.

These are just few information regarding reskin android apps and games.  In the next post, we will try to explain in details how to start reskin your first app for android mobiles.

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