New 2017 SEO tactics – A full guide to rank on Google

Seo has become a big issue for website owners,  web developers and also various online marketers.  Targeting audience is now harder than last years. Many reasons made users compelled to get updated regarding improving their SEO strategies. In this topic we are going to set most effective tactics should users follow to get their websites ranked in search engines.

  1. On page SEO : this includes what you should have in your content or how should your content be. As it is widely known “content is the king”. Which means that writers should improve their own content without copying from other websites.  Duplicate content is the worst thing and one of the worst reasons to not get de-ranked in search engine. Google is considering your website as a thief that steals other people’s effort. So,  content must be clean, proper, exclusive and also includes keywords. Keywords should be picked up with care of searchers imagination. So, you should think as a searcher and not as a publisher.
  2. Off page SEO: this includes your website design,  loading speed,  responsiveness.  As a web developer,  you have to think out of the box.  Think to improve something nonexistence. Be creative and think to improve designs that you have never seen.  Even try to build a new posts structure and also make your website the best.
  3. Social Share : Having thousands of followers on social media, per example Facebook, Twitter, VK, Instagram and also YouTube means a great deal to every blogger, because the sharing process will alert google about the importance of whatever content you have showed to your audience.

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In brief these are some of the main key to rank your website in search engines.  As a newbie,  follow these advice,  after while you will explore other various tactics.

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