How to Setup Your Own PBN Empire — An 2018 Guide

If you are a SEO optimizer, website owner, or a web developer then you must think about the best idea to do Off page seo for website, and if you have the budget you can take control over your backlinks by setting up a strong PBN network. So first of all what is a PBN ? A PBN stands for Public Blog Network, and it’s a group of expired domains with higher domain and also page authority.

In this article we are going to show you how to setup a strong PBN based on a small budget, per example 100$.

  1. First of all you have to go to, then you will write a keyword per example here, i am going to search about download keyword, a big list of results appears, so i have to order domaines by majestic seo scores.
  2. Another method is done automaticly by scrapbox, all what you have to do is to put keywords, then the software will take care of evreything.
  3. after you find an expired domain with domain authority higher than 20, then you save it in a file.
  4. Now copy that domain name and open, put that name on the search box.
  5. You will have a history of the domain, how was it in the past, was it Spam or no ?
  6. after you find a non Spam website, then the next step is to buy this domain without any hesitation.
  7. Now to setup your own PBN, you have to do the same thing, buy 10 or more domains.
  8. Register those domains with different names, different hosts.
  9. After your done with the PBN, write some good articles, and try to make backlinks with your own main website.

By applying this 9 steps, i ensure you that you will rank higher in google and quickly, in addition you can control your backlinks, and you don’t have to disvow links anymore.

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