How can digital games improve our mental capacities.

Digital Games are very important for people including youth, children or even older people. Stats shown that playing games increase mental capacities and intelligence of people especially for children. That’s why games must be included in people’s life to be an attitude that they would not live without. Since the appearance of video games, the number of gamer has been increased years after years. Some societies are keeping organizing game competitions to let users adopt a challenge spirit. This also supports people to play games by getting rewarded. Nowadays, the development of games made people play against each others online even if they do not belong to the same area. Studies shown that gamers has a higher level of intelligence compared to people who are far away from playing video games. Now, if you search for most common useful games you will explore various ones which people are addicted to. As example: PlayStation games, arcade games, adventure games and even games designed to female gender.

In the other hand and even if games are improving your mental capacities. But spending long time playing games can’ also harm your health. Besides, staying in front of your computer for a long time every day can even cause obese. However, statistics shown also that 75% of gamers are suffering from fat and big amount of flab in their stomach. Eating and staying in fron of your monitor for long hours is the main reason of becoming fat. Additionally, staying for a long time playing video games can also affect your eyes. Most gamers has a watch shortage because of spending hours daily in front of their computers. In addition to this, it also makes you lazier than you are. That s why it is recommended to play other physical sports, otherwise try to ‘not spend more than 2 hours playing video games.

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