Best PPI AD network for 2017 – Full Review !

Choosing an Ad network is the hardest decision that a blogger can make, because it takes time to test that ad network, see the rates etc. in this article we are going to show you the best Pay Per install (PPI) Ad network for 2017, after testing them one by one for a year.

The first thing that a WordPress blogger should do after he setup his website is the important and also unique content to drive traffic to his website, after having at least 1K of visitors web masters are able to monetize their website with a PPI Ad network, but the question here is how to choose that ads network? and what are the requirements ?

What is PPI ?

PPI stands for Pay per install, and it means that you will get paid every time that a user install a software or an excutable file on his PC using your referring link.

What are the requirements in choosing an ad network ?

The first thing that you should look after when you are in the process of choosing an ad network is the rates, you should ask about the rates in every country, it means how much the company pays for 1000 installs. The second thing you should ask about is the payment method, are you gonna be paid monthly or weekly, via PaYpal, Payonner or bank transfer. After choosing your payment method you have to ask about the ad company reputation and also the conversion ratio, and you could do that very easily by typing the name of the company followed by review in google search.

By applying this 3 easy steps, you could gain time, experience and also not losing traffic.

Top 5 best PPI AD network in 2017 ?

1. 360installer | 360installer.comMy Note : 10/10 – Very recommended 

It’s the PPI ad network that i use in 2 of my website now, the rates are amazing, i got paid by payonner every month, the moderator are very friendly, great support. In addition they have a great conversion ratio, you could earn up to 2$ per install.

2. InstallEmpire | | My Note : 8.5/10 – A good choice

I did not use them to much, but the rates are good, the best thing that they offer is a fully detailed report. their payment gateway is amazing you could get paid 2 times a time, the conversion ratio is not good.

3. Sapphirum | sapphirum.comMy Note : 7.5/10 – Not Bad

The best features about this startup ad network company is the support staff, they are great and they respond very quickly, beside that the ad renvue is not bad, and they offer a new payment method, it’s Bitcoin.

4. InstallCapital | | My Note : 7/10 – Acceptable 

The conversion rate is awesome with this great ad network, in addition you can get paid daily, weekly, or also monthly. Their rates is not that bad but it’s acceptable.

5. Installerr | installerr.comMy Note : 6/10

They are similar to installcapital, but their rates depends is much less that the other companies.

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