6 Important Steps To Do Every day in SEO – 2018 Full guide

Getting updated about seo has become a must. I am personally considering seo users like doctors. Various diseases appears every year that s why doctors are keeping learning new things about new diseases,  medicaments, surgeries etc. It is for sure the same as seo engineers. Besides google is always updating their algorithms. So, if you keep using seo tactics of 2014 as example in 2017,  i will guarantee that you will fail. The question may come to your head is how to get updated about new seo tactics. The answer is easier, however thousands of forums are available now to serve your requirememts, get updated and also feed your knownledge.

In this topic,  we will include some behaviors you should follow and to overcome.

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  1. So,  the first of what you should do as a website owner is to learn. Besides,  you should be a member in forums that includes search engine optimization sections. Discus with other users and also learn from their experience. We are recommending warrior forum to follow up.
  2. Second, test by creating your first website. Improve new content and also get experience. Your first website will be the best way to learn. You will explore various mistake, track audience and even try to find why your website does not get expected traffic.
  3. Third, try to track your website competitors. These are cibled depending on your niche. So,  try to see how they are acting,  what they are posting and try to make something better than them. Also track their keywords.
  4. Fourth, build high quality back links. This is the best way that let’s search engines receive signals that your website is mainly known.
  5. Fifth,  benefit from social media.  All what you have to do is to share your content in the most known social media including Facebook, twitter, redit, instagram, Google plus etc.
  6. Sixth,  avoid duplicate content. Google is detecting duplicate data and sends your website to the bottom in search engines.  So please avoid it.

In general SEO is not like a repetitive job , you should be updated every single day, apply and learn new things.

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